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Danette LaMonica Hudson

There was a time when I felt resentment and guilt for being born with brown skin. We tend to be influenced by the way others treat us. Have you ever had your motives and character questioned because of the color of your skin?

It's 7 am—a beautiful day. The sun shines bright as flowers at the end of the front desk stretch and dance between the sunbeams. The hustle and bustle of the lobby have me excited about our busy day. We sold out last night, and we will sell out tonight. Three hundred educators arrive for their fall training. Mr. Johnson, the group leader, marches to the desk and demands he gets his room immediately. I explain we do not have rooms available at this time. I tell him he's on the list for the first available room. We store his luggage and give him a luggage tag with the promise to get him settled as soon as the first room is ready.

He comes back to the desk every 30 minutes until 1 pm when he slams his briefcase on the front desk and sends it hurling toward the flower vase. The bell captain catches it as the case hits the floor. Then Mr. Johnson shouts, "Hey, Little Nigger, you're gonna give me a room now!"

At that moment, with a lobby full of people stunned to silence, I never wanted anyone to feel the shame, resentment, and guilt I felt. Thankfully, my boss supported me and banned Mr. Johnson from the hotel. But, unfortunately, this doesn't happen for everyone. Having support, being treated with dignity and respect empowered me to excel in my job, but this event magnified the shame and guilt of being born Black that I lived with every day.

Healing from that traumatic event began with a process of historical study and a spiritual experience that set me free to be proud of my racial identity. My journey to wholeness crystallized when a friend blessed me with a seat in a transformational personal development course called the Landmark Forum. The workshop made such a difference that I spent three years assisting them with leadership training, coaching, and supervising their production teams.

My passion for creating an America that works for everyone guides my politics. I read policy papers for fun and spend hours listening to both sides of the political conversation. When I volunteered for the 2020 election, I saw the need for people to heal the wounds of racism as I had done, so I decided I would do my part by becoming a Racial Healing Coach. 

To realize our nation's vision of the perfect union, we must tell the truth and reconcile with the impact of racism. The truth is America's systemic racism structure is older than America itself. It betrays and wounds us all. It's time to create a new vision. Who will you be in the face of Racism?

In my Racial Healing 360 coaching program:

You will gain the confidence to have healthy, loving conversations about Racism that heal the Racial Divide.

You will learn the secret to overcoming Racism so you can change hearts and minds.

You will discover that your feminine power is the access to breaking the generational curse leading to racial healing and acceptance.

You will develop an unshakeable inner trust that empowers you to lead with love in all circumstances.

You will become an extraordinary everyday leader that makes a difference with every community in your life. 

You will get unity, connection, peace of mind, and sisterhood in a new community of allies.


Hey there, I'm Danette LaMonica Hudson. I am a happily married mom of 3 with 3 bonus children. We are a successfully blended military family living in Georgia.  I am happy to meet you.


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