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Danette LaMonica Hudson

It's 7 am a beautiful day. The sun shines bright as flowers at the end of the front desk stretch and dance between the sunbeams. The hustle and bustle of the lobby have me excited about our busy day. We sold out last night, and we will sell out tonight. 300 educators arrive for their fall training. Mr. Johnson, the group leader, marches to the desk and demands he gets his room immediately. I explain we do not have rooms available at this time. I tell him he's on the list for the first available room. We store his luggage and give him a luggage tag with the promise to get him settled as soon as the first room is ready.


He comes back to the desk every 30 minutes until 1 pm when he slams his briefcase on the front desk and sends it hurling toward the vase of flowers. The bell captain catches it as the case hits the floor. Then he shouts, "Hey, Little Ni@@er, you are gonna give me a room now." At that moment, with a lobby full of people stunned into complete silence, I never wanted anyone to feel the shame, resentment, and sadness I felt.


My healing began with forgiveness and renewing my mind when a friend paid for me to complete the Landmark Forum. It changed my destiny. I spent three years helping them transform hundreds of lives. I learned transformation happens when we see our circumstances in a new way.


I spent $32K on personal development and college, where I studied History and Government. My passion for freedom, justice, and equality has guided my politics. I read policy papers for fun and spent hours listening to both sides of political talk radio. As I volunteered for the 2020 election,  I saw the need for our nation to heal the wounds of racism as I had done. In my course, people learn the secret to overcome racism without resentment and guilt. I believe with all my heart you can live an empowered life in the face of racism. I am here to provide a safe space for you to experience racial healing. 


Hey there, I'm Danette LaMonica Hudson. I am a happily married mom of 3 with 3 bonus children. We are a successfully blended military family living in Georgia.  I am happy to meet you.


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