Do Vision Boards Work?

Absolutely, Vision Boards Work!


Oprah says that Vision Boards have changed her life.

Well, Oprah and I have something common, Vision Boards have changed my life, too. No, it doesn't mean I got my own TV show and magazine! But that's not what Vision Boards are all about. They're about creating your own authentic outcomes in your own ideal life. For instance, I first learned about vision boards when I attended the ‘Guest Day’ of a personal development mastermind course. Instead of considering the future, we were asked to consider our past to find the juiciest dis-empowering story of our lives and create an ‘It Seems Like…’ board.

I was so moved by the idea that I did not have to be stuck in my past living a never-ending ‘I Can’t Have a Great Life Because’ loop, that I created 3 ‘It Seems Like…’ boards. They were the catalyst for my reconciliation with my father, after a 20-year estrangement, he died six months later. I unearthed my wholeness to find that I was lovable and worthy to walk on a 16-year journey with the man of my dreams. I had an encounter with God, as my friend and healer, not my enemy and overlord when my OB-GYN told us we would never have children after a miscarriage at 20 weeks, my 12-year-old daughter was born 2 years later. 

These boards, and the work of Transformation, also led to the discovery of my life purpose, as a peacemaker and spiritual healer who empowers people to see their own wholeness, so they can say yes to their soul mate and live a fairy tale romance or say goodbye to their soul mate and embark on a fairy tale soulmance, a passionate adventurous saga that leaves them more in love with themselves than ever before. Finally finding the fulfillment of the promise of peace that passes all understanding and walking in the joy, that comes in the morning. I am a thriving, beautiful black woman who gets to change the world one transformation at a time, leaving the world in a better condition than I found it.

So, what about you? Would you like to see how a Vision Board will change your life?